Thursday, June 25, 2009

Socially Awkward and Forest Guys

Here is a socially awkward sea serpent. He loves to meet new people, but it rarely goes well for him. I think I want to do a comic thing with him. I love awkward things (I guess that makes me a narcissist as well?) No digital in this one! Straight up pen and marker. Everything in my sketchbook is colored in green, yellow and blue because those are the only markers I have.

And here is a forest guy I drew while I was watching TV the other day. I also want to do something with this guy. Mostly I think I was channeling my 12 year old self's love of any of those books where an explorer was studying some fantastical beasts and making tons of drawings and notes. I always wanted to make a book like that. Pen and grey markers, color in photoshop.


Anonymous said...

I Really like all these sketches! and I love the post after this, with the water at night. very cool

Peter Pen said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful sketches, Emily. I have been so free, to do some training on your colours and shapes and posted your blog right "next" to it.

Looking forward, to new inspiration,

Emily said...

Aw, how flattering!