Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chickadees, Monster, and a Jungle

Well, we finished the short, so now I've got new stuff to post again that I've been doing for fun. So many chickadee drawings, I don't know why. And sometimes they kind of end up looking more like plovers, but I'm ok with that. And some of them are going to work.

And here's the rough turnaround for that character I posted before, as well as some colors I decided to try out for fun.

And last of all, a quick little sketch of a rainforest with monkeys. It started with the trees because I pass trees that look like that while I'm walking my dog all the time.

In other news, I got linked to from John Nevarez's blog! That's pretty sweet, because it's one of my favorite blogs.


Kinman said...

those birds rock!

JAXJ said...

Nice work! Can't wait to see more of those birdies. :]

Ramses said...

fantastic artwork ! :)

Dam Ferreira said...

very lovely
Amazing blog

Craig Mackay said...

Beautiful bird designs! Great blog!