Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketchcrawl and France

Yesterday was the world sketchcrawl, as some of you know. I headed down to Marina Del Rey to go on my very first official sketch crawl! It was fun, got to meet some people, draw some stuff. Here are a couple of sketches from that. I'm still figuring out these watercolor pencils. They're pretty fun, and such an easy way to do color on the go.

Also, I recently went to France to visit my sister who is studying in Nantes. Nantes has the machines de l'ile, which has an awesome mechanical elephant that people can ride on/in, the coolest steampunky merry-go-round I've ever seen, and a weird "treehouse" type thing made of metal. So below are some of the animals from the merry-go-round, as well as the view from our hotel window because I woke up early and had nothing to do. I wish I'd drawn the merry-go-round and elephant more, but it was cold, and I'm an LA wuss now.


Howard Shum said...

Cool stuff, Emily! It was nice meeting you at Sketchcrawl.

Laura said...

I like the Pegasus.
And the umbrellas.