Monday, July 2, 2012

Farm and a question for the internet

Visited Wisconsin recently

And a question:
Does anyone know about calibrating monitors for Cintiq 24HD or know about Photoshop color profiles? This is what my colors looked like while painting:

And then they come out crazy saturated on my other monitor or when I save them out. But I can screenshot it and have it look like what I was painting, so that's what makes me think it's some kind of color profile thing. I tried switching my color profile in Photoshop but maybe I did it wrong because that sure didn't solve the problem. I know things look different monitor to monitor, but having them not even save out looking close to the same is kind of a problem. Anyone know about this?


kfink said...

I had a similar issue, found this online. I frequently use hotkeys in PS and accidentally trigger this one unknowingly. Hope this helps.

Check conversions
You can always see how your RGB image colors will change when converted to CMYK by using Ctrl/Command Y. If you want to see what colors are out of gamut, add the Shift key. Don't forget to change back before doing any editing. The name at the top of the image will say (RGB/8/CMYK), if you have the CMYK preview on.

Star250 said...

I heard that some people use a calibration device called a spyder.