Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Normally Fin is a happy dog, like this:

But when I take him out in the rain, his ears go out to the sides and he just stares at me like I'm punishing him.

Some homework - color thumbnails

And some studies! Outdoor gouache painting and zoo sketching with a marker.


Emily Su said...

Hehe your dog is so cute! Great colors of the one of him in the rain too. ^^

chengwhich said...

haha. love the sad, sad dog.
i like the tree shapes in the second to last color thumb, too.

Matt Spangler said...

Really dig the environments you developed. Really like the colors.

Laura said...

A. Stop abusing my Fin. And give him a high five from Aunt Laura.

B. The llama in the top row looks like mom drew it. You should stop making mom do your homework.

C. I really like the black and white studies.

Emily said...

Thanks all!