Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something is coming in DECEMBER!!!

A preview of things to come in December perhaps?? HMMMMMM? Hehehe
Also, that was my first try with a little phototexturing. I felt dirty and immediately painted over almost all of it, haha. It did give me some nice random shapes in a time when I was stuck.
Some homeworks in progress (HWIP I shall call them from now on). This first one is a game level design. It's painted over a mesh that they gave us. It was just a wireframe of blocks basically. We had to come up with how the level would go. I went with circus/old timey theater with a touch of steampunk. There would be a creature in that cage and once you solve the puzzle to open the cage using the chains and stuff it would come out.

And here is John Carter discovering stuff in a cave.


Lars Otterclou said...

very nice value paintings, and i like that little red boat! :)

Emily Su said...

awesome greyscales. i totally want to play a game with that level :D