Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Environment Design Homework and Planet Earth studies

This was the homework for the first week of my environment design class.

And here are some studies off of Planet Earth. I've been doing so much stuff out of my head, I felt like I needed to do some studies to remind me of what real lighting looks like. It wasn't my best day ever for doing studies, but at least it's something, right?


Rochelle said...

You have some very appealing designs here. I'll be keeping watch!

Emily Su said...

can you post a larger pic of the top left study of planet earth plz =P the mood in that one is really gorgeous.

i dunno if you have some kind of process shot for that one, but any kind of insight into how you approach it would be cool!

Emily said...

@Rochelle thanks!

@Emily Su sorry, I don't have process shots, it was just one layer, so I can't even divide it up. It was just a mix of hard and soft edged brushes though. I posted the larger version though. :)