Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Patty out for a walk

There's a whole story with Miss Patty now. I won't get into it. You may remember I posted Miss Patty's Home for Wayward Dogs a while ago (or maybe you don't). Well, I think the city she lives in kind of sucks - it's grey and cold and in the mountains. But not fun mountains that you can ski and hike on. Crappy mountains that block in the town so everything is close and grubby. So here's Miss Patty out for a walk in town. Mostly as a color study. Did I go overboard on the textures? Probably. But I liked it because when I made it black and white and upped the curves it looked like bad xerox. Apparently bad xerox is an aesthetic I'm into now?


carl said...

it's ok, i think it's a very nice aesthetic as well. great job

Emily Su said...

omg your stuff is amazing! i've been looking at it for like an hr hehe :D found you while looking at ppl who've taken the env. sketching class. how did you like it?

Emily said...

I liked the class a lot! I found it very helpful and I learned a ridiculous amount.