Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I started drawing this today while I was watching TV. I think I've perhaps been looking at Shaun Tan's "The Arrival" too much. Nevermind. You can never look at that book too much. I think I'd like to make a story out of this.

Here are some bats. I was looking at slow motion film of bats flying the other day, and then this came out while I was sitting in class. It's really amazing the way their wings move. Apparently, something about the leading edge of their wing allows them to flap much slower (and stay aloft) than scientists expected. Pretty cool stuff.

And here are just a bunch of random in class drawings. My sense of humor goes weird places when I'm bored. Mostly to chickens, I've noticed.


Lauren said...

I remember seeing you draw that elephant on stilts drawing in class! (looking over your shoulder without your knowledge, perhaps?) I love that one. It always amazes me how little your drawings are. So awesome :).

Carder said...

that air boat drawing is amazing.