Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I went over to the Natural History Museum today and painted this guy. The ever present small children are even more in awe when you draw with a computer.


Lauren said...

Wow, that is beautiful :O. And you took your laptop and tablet with you to the museum? That is hardcore

(Hooray for RSS feeds, I got this as soon as you posted it, pretty much :D)

Emily said...

I take notes on my computer in geology, which is pretty close to the museum, so it's not much more work to bring my tablet along. :)

laura said...

Good job. The stripes seem slightly off. Like, they seem too thin but bright maybe? I'm not sure.

Shawn Lenore Barnes said...

This proves that I need to go to the natural history museum. As much as my laptop weighs, I don't think I'll be lugging it with me though :).