Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Bears

There's a pool on flickr for Bears in Ill Fitting Hats. Impossible to resist. I have one colored bear - he works at a gas station, but he also smokes. It's a poor idea, but to be frank, he doesn't look like the brightest bulb. Also, Some pen drawings of other bears in ill fitting hats.

I guess I should start working on my senior thesis again. Bears were a fun distraction.


Lauren said...

Oh wow!! That colored bear looks amazing!! Have you uploaded it to Flickr yet?
I guess I'll have to find time to procrastinate and color mine, too.

Ahh..thesis :( :(. I need to start working on it too.

Carder said...

You would show me and Lauren up by coloring in your bear. One day my sketch blog will have a delicately colored masterpiece, too.

Victor said...

As Bua would say: "that smoke should be coming from where the ember meets the unburnt cigarette, don't you know how a cigarette burns?"

Oh Bua. You've taught me so much...

How come all of these hats are ill-fitting in a small way? Where are all the 50-gallon sombreros and such?

Victor said...

I rechecked, and I guess you have one big ill-fitting hat.

But that's like having one black kid in your highschool; You still know your faculty are racists.

laura said...

the big ill fitting hat is suprerior